My friend Matt and I met today. My so called “twin” among the Sultans circle, friends compare sense that we look alike. It’s been 5 months since the last time we met. We talked things out. This included what happened to our other friend Jomarie’s wedding, wherein I learned it was a weeding story with comedy according to him. I missed to attend my friend’s long overdue wedding to Anna, his long overdue girlfriend. Both of them made sure they had vast availability of time and resources by the time they walk the aisle.(really) Too bad that I was not able to bring with me a digital camera that should have been posted in our Sultans website.

Sultans celebrate our yearly reunion every December 27th of the year but since most of our friends are now working abroad, we never had a chance to get together again the way we used to last December 2007. But hopefully a big reunion in a future will happen. If not here in the Philippines, then maybe in another country, as I also dream of.

Sultans have a member of 12 gentlemen who have been friends since (our first year in Nursing at the Colegio de San Agustin in Bacolod City. You can visit our temporary website(, because we will be launching our official website soon, with the financial help of our friends Maui, Arvin, and Arnel. The three of them are now working and residing in San Francisco, California USA. (still playing tong its in San Francisco). Just watch out for the launching of our official website.