My friends and I once got a talk about having our school batch’s official website someday, since most of them are now working in different parts of the country. Also, this website will be used by us as our venue where we could get every one of us updated with each others’ happenings as a communication means.

I started building a temporary website from a free web hosting provider but we were annoyed by some pop up advertisement would pop up. In addition, the bandwidth and design had limitations. Luckily, I have a friend who informed me about having our own domain and that we could actually host it. She provided me a webhosting site where I could choose the best web hosting company that will meet our official website needs.

Since that was the first time I made a website of our own, I really had to consider first the web host’s technical support. We also had to consider affordability, reliability and most importantly, costumer satisfaction. For these, I read reviews about web hosting providers, their advantages and disadvantages and identified the best plans and promos.

Through these, I got my best web hosting provider and it is been a year now. I also host here my other blog site and created more website for my friends.